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At Lidl, we know our success depends on the people we work with and the people who choose to shop with us. We recognise that providing high quality products at industry leading prices is only part of the story; the environment in which our customers do their shopping completes the experience. We would like to invite you to provide us with your thoughts on our proposal to open a new Lidl store on Knaresborough Road.


Please register your support and provide any comments by completing the feedback form below. We would welcome your comments on our new store proposals.

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The data you provide is being collected by Royal Pilgrim Communications (who can be contacted on 0113 335 0034 or scott@royalpilgrim.com). The lawful basis for processing this data is Legitimate Interests for the purposes of this consultation, to gather your opinion on the proposals and to enable us to contact you regarding the project in the future. You can opt out of any contact by ticking the box below or contacting us at any time. You do not have to provide any personal data in order to comment on this proposal. We will not publish or share your personal data with any third parties. A copy of the comments that you make regarding the proposal will be provided to the Local Planning Authority as part of the planning process and so that it can note the comments made, but no personal data will be shared, other than any personal data you choose to put in the comments section. Your personal data will be stored securely for the lifetime of the project, which will be until development is complete or a decision has been made not to progress the project. You have the right to access, amend, object and remove the data we hold at any time.

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